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The Cabin

@ Mtn. View Arkansas

For Your Knowledge

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8 guests

Pets welcome

Queen, Full, & Sofa bed

Full kitchen

Charcoal grill

Coffee maker

Tv & DVD player

Full bath & shower

Iron and hair dryer

3pm - 11am

Checking In

  • The Cabin is located near Melbourne AR overlooking the White River. With an amazing view of the Ozarks, the Cabin is surrounded by trees, trails, and opportunities to explore.
  • Immedietly proceeding your booking, you will recieve important information regarding your stay (e.g., timeline for furture information, processes and procedures, and common expectations). You will recieve the address and property manager's contact information within 24hrs of your stay.
  • Check-in is at 3pm and arrival before 3pm is not guaranteed. Cabin access will be via deadbolt code. Once you have access to the property, you can utilize a standard key, but failure to return the key will cause the renter to encure additional fees (deadbolt replacement + labor)


  • Please enjoy your stay at The Cabin. In order to provide the best possible service at the best possible price, we do have a few 'expectations.'
    1. Please clean up any accidental spills or messes. All cleaning supplies can be found under the kitchen sink or above the washer and dryer.

During Your Stay

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Contact Information

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Checking Out

  • We are so happy that you chose to spend your time at your Cabin. Just like we mentioned earlier, in order to give everyone the best possible experience at the best possible price, we do have a few 'expectations' for a our renters before they leave.
    1. Please remove any used bed linens and place into a laundry basket (one is located in each room).
    2. Please wash all used dishes and place them on the dryer rack. The dryer rack can be found under the kitchen sink along with a red water mat.
    3. Please set the thermostat to 60 deg in the cooler months and 75 deg in the hotter months.
    4. All lights need to be turned off when you leave.
    5. Finally, please